Preface to Book One

History is what the present wants us to know about the past. The series of books to showcased on this website seeks to shed light on the history unfolding before our eyes and while still fresh in the minds and souls of the key participants who remain alive.

For far too long writers, especially those in the West, have been exceptionally cordial and carefully steered clear of dispute on the role of Shiite Islam in fostering violence and mayhem around the world.   In doing so, they have permitted a tiny minority of Farsi speaking Arabs in Iran to engage in one of the biggest plunders in world history. Because the history of Islam has been inextricably intertwined with Arabian culture and Arab history, and the Arabs who as warlike crusaders carried their religion into Iran, accordingly, this book addresses the political aspects of the Shiite sect, their aim and designs to turn Iran into another Arab state.

Iran: Arab conspiracy sheds light on the so-called Islamic revolution, the fatwa-tosses, the training of terrorism, the making of global chaos, and their blueprint for world dominance, and the forceful conversion of world population into the Shiite Islam.

You will learn how systematic through the day-to-day use of Shria (>>>), taghiya (permissible lie in the holy Koran), Marja Taghlead (do what we tell you) prepared naive Iranians for their revolution.  It also exposes false accounts of prophets and imams that secular Iranians believe a single-one of them is enough to poison a nation’s mind and impair its capacity to think.

In rendering an account of history, writer’s aim is not to yield to temptation to distort truth or to make a sense of it; it is not the task of a writer.  The mission of this writer is an attempt to shed light on the secretive Arab plunder design on Iran, the means they managed to turn their age-old scheme into reality using Islam as a tool.  It is up to the Iranian people, the world, particularly the U.S. policy makers to make a sense of this conspiracy.

Although, this works makes no claim to being a comprehensive study of the complex Islam, every reference is made with accurate documentations accessible without compromising the integrity of the source.  In addition, it is decisively, the author’s desire to make it plain that the word Arab in this book expressly refers to the Farsi speaking Arab Shiite clergy of Iran.  No offense is consciously aimed at any Arab state or the Arab world Moreover, not the patriot Iranian Arabs who grew up with the author in Ahvaz, Iran.

Unlike the past generations who relied solely on the accounts from Iran’s Arab clergy whose survival, depended on tragedy telling and the blur boundaries between history and imaginary tale, truth and fallacy, future generations will have physical evidence by way of Photos, live news, DVD’s, tapes, and events as it happened.

The need for shared future requires shedding light on Islam, Arab clergy, the Shiite sec, the so-called Islamic revolution, the fatwa-tosses, and the day-to-day use of taghiya (permissible lie) in their conduct.  It also exposes false accounts of prophets and imams that secular Iranians believe, that a single one of them is enough to poison a nation’s mind and impair its capacity to think.

For centuries the ruling Arab clergy of Iran, through unrestricted and unsupervised activities ‘shield by self-indulgent passages in Shiite Islam, conspired against the very nation who fed and cared for them.  Today, they are squandering Iran’s precious oil revenue on Arab causes, terrorist organizations, Iran: Arab conspiracy is a collective assertion of available fact.


To use presidential candidate john McCain words,” the absolute gravest threat is the Islamic extremism, which can affect, if they prevail, our very existence. “

Another successful attack on the united states of Americas could have devastating consequences.”

Why we should protect what little freedom we are still fortunate enough to have Wittes’ writes, terrorism is fundamentally different from traditional crimes, since it “involves horror on an altogether different scale,” and a deep-seated belief that we owe dramatically less judicial protection to nonresidents aliens than U.S. citizen are entitled to, even if alien are held incommunicado in long-term military detention.

Many Iranians through their messages sense that the world is indifferent to the fact that we are living in an unprecedented time.  They readily compare their country to that of Germany in the 1930’s.  They see that the world is occupied by chaos that politically, economically, and the world order is in.  They see that our entire planet is in grave danger, however, they believe that the world particularly the west is overlooking the most urgent threat, by all accounts, the number one peril posing humanity is what is building up in their own country.

We are fast approaching a climatic time when all humanity will know beyond doubt that Iran a country that is now in control of a handful of vindictive Arab clergy whose mind is time wrap 7th century and is on the pass of revenge and destruction at any cost.




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