George Hassan was raised as a Shia Muslim and is in the process of releasing a series of books which provides dependable details of the operation of the Arab Shiite system of mind controlling. The setting begins with the Persian Empire of “Iran” as a base of operations for achieving the ultimate goal of Arab hegemony (supremacy) through a line of attack of Assault Upon the World, particularly The War against the West, and the antagonizes are the tyrant Arab religious leaders. He aims to help the people of the free world to understand the threat posed by the Arabs, the Arab Islam, and its future ambitious for the world.   

These publications provide the opportunity to disprove some of the imaginary fiction presented mainly by Iran’s Arab Shiite clergy who set themselves up as the supreme leaders of the Islamic world, aiming to make the past come alive with an eye firmly set on present-day concern. The book’s rigorous tone and its pragmatic style likely to strike a chord with many Shiite ayatollahs that have benefited from a countless inconsistent and nonsensical accounts they present as facts. The need for fast and accurate information in today’s turbulent world is vital.