The 1980-1988 war between Iran and Iraq was a direct result of the Islamic Revolution of Khomeini, and the Islamic Revolution was a direct result of a nation’s backwardness, ignorance, and intellectual deprivation. The backwardness goes hand-in-hand with the obstructive, detrimental set of harsh and punitive rules called Shi’a and Shari’a Islam.

I have chosen Iran as an indisputable example of a nation fallen victim to the biggest blunder in the history of humankind. The current catastrophe is living proof that the Arab swords forced Islam (the laws of Arabia) into Iran, and Shari’a maintains it. The Arab Shiite hegemonic, mafia-style cult institution, wrapped in a holy Arabic cloak and turbaned, has destroyed a sovereign nation beyond any hope of recovery, and it is working relentlessly to destroy the West and at any cost and if necessary, the world with it. 

Since the Islamic coup d’état of 1979, Iran has become a base of deep-seated terrorist activities, a home for the most inhuman terrorists suppressing the indigenous and confronting the West, particularly the State of Israel and the nation that they call “the Great Satan,” the United States of America.

I was born into a Shiite family in Ahvaz, Iran, and as a Muslim child, I unenthusiastically accompanied my father to our local mosque and fulfilled all my duties to Islam. I was taught Shari’a doctrine; I visited the holy shrines and cities and read the Koran in Arabic and memorized it, even though I did not understand the content. What’s more, I grew up with and understand the mentality of today’s Iranian Arab Shiite elite.